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Chepchoina Champoins!


Back in June, we reported on the beginnings of a local fundraising group, the Chepchoina Champions. The group had recently been set up to support the Trust and encourage more local contributions.

In the past four months the group has gone from strength to strength. One of their most recent initiatives has been the selling of t-shirts. The team has sold almost three hundred t-shirts to people living and working on Mount Elgon Orchards and the local community of Chepchoina.

The team has also encouraged the involvement of Andersen Primary, Secondary and VTC and challenged the pupils to raise money, with prizes and certificates for the top fundraisers. The VTC fashion and garment making students have also contributed by making and selling handbags and shopping bags.

Currently, the team are organising a big fundraising day to take place on 11th November. The day will include fun games and races, entertainment and food stalls. The hope is that it will bring Mount Elgon Orchards, Mount Elgon Trust and the community together for a single goal of supporting the projects and having fun!

The money raised from all these initiatives will go towards the new Andersen ECD construction and Primary School. The aim is to raise 500,000 Kenyan shillings to support the children’s education. They are well on their way, having raised over 350,000 KES to date.

If you would like to donate, purchase a product or support in any way please email: