The Rural Housing Studio

Bringing help to where it is needed the most

The rural housing studio is a studio dedicated to
help underprivileged rural families in developing countries.
The targeted communities know what type of housing they
would like to live in, however, they are unable to design
and engineer them without external help.
Regular development aid offers ready built solutions without
involving the inhabitants and their communities into the process.
The rural housing studio offers internship (BSc) and
graduation positions (BSc & MSc) to students, who will advise
and inform rural families to build their desired housing
together with their community. Ultimately it is suppose
to generate self-reliant and resilient communities
with improved houses, which do not depend on
development aid programs anymore.

The studio is lead by researcher and architect Michiel Smits (PhD candidate)
who has been working as a pro bono architect since 2004 in the rural areas
of Sub-Saharan Africa and has an extensive expertise in helping rural communities.